It is more than likely, you’ve received calls from timeshare nuisance callers claiming they have a buyer who is willing to pay big money for your unit and then proceed to ask for a large sum of money to complete the sale. These are known as “timeshare resale” companies and they are completely fraudulent. They will tell you that they have a buyer but that you must pay between $1,000 and $3,000 to complete paper work.

They will then send you a vaguely worded contract which amounts to a guarantee to advertise your property. Resale companies have a success rate of .001 % in actual sales. The state of Florida has gone so far as to impose a regulation which prevents companies from taking an upfront fee for timeshare resale.

If you want to get rid of one of these timeshare nuisance calls, simply tell them that you would be happy to use their service, but will pay them their commission upon completion and not a penny upfront.

The only way to successfully get rid of your timeshare is through an elimination company such as ours, we do not take an upfront fee, your money is held in escrow until you are FREE from your timeshare obligation. Call us or complete the form on the right to find out more.