The realistic situation when trying to sell a timeshare.

Timeshare ownership has proven to be a very Infuriating experience for many people.

sell a timeshareRising maintenance fees and dwindling finances have caused timeshare owners to try to sell their timeshare to cut some of these costs.

Sadly, to sell a timeshare is a very complicated, timely, and potentially expensive process. Selling your timeshare on your own can take months between finding a buyer, communicating with your developer, and transferring your title. This causes many people to hire timeshare resale companies to help them sell their timeshare. Unfortunely, many of these companies require steep upfront fees in order to even put your timeshare on their books and the process can still take months if they are even able to sell it at all.

We don’t pretend we can sell your timeshare; you don’t have to shell out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to get rid of your property when you engage our services. We do not charge money up front; we are only paid when the timeshare is out of your name and you are FREE of this burden.

Unlike timeshare resale companies who guarantee that they can sell your timeshare fast, we don’t mess you about, our service is about getting rid of a timeshare and that is what we do.  We use independent timeshare closing companies who represent you and your rights, we could do this in-house but we feel that would create a conflict of interest, because they hold your money in escrow on your behalf.  The services we use are quick and efficient, far faster than these huge internal departments you get in some companies.

Those that say they can sell your timeshare in 24 hours are also misleading you, because you are not free of your timeshare obligation until the timeshare company has done its financial searches, been paid their transfer fee and issues the papers confirming the sale.  Also your papers need to be filed locally in your state of residence.  So you know that anyone telling you they can sell your timeshare in 24 hours is just trying to get a sales lead.  Sadly the timeshare industry is full of scammers and this kind of practice id rife.

What we can tell you is that we operate as fast as the timeshare developer will let us, we employ qualified project managers who will drive the process to completion and keep you informed along the way.

If you are one of the many timeshare owners out there who are trying to find a fast, easy, and affordable way to get rid of your timeshare, look no further, we can help!  Contact us today to get the process started, either fill out the form or call the number on the right and we will help you sell a timeshare to us.