If your timeshare maintenance fees and the cost of advertising the rental exceed the potential income then NO, not really, for example:

Timeshare maintenance fee                                      $595

Rental cost to advertise for 6 months                      $125

Total Cost                                                                   $720

Income from Rental (if able to rent)                          $320

Profit/Loss                                                                  $-400

In addition to this you have to take into account the cost of a special assessment, any timeshare that has not had a special assessment will be due for one and anyone buying your timeshare will do due diligence and find out the state of play.

Then there is the transfer fee, potential buyers will rarely pay the transfer fee and on older resorts these can be set quite high as a deterrent to anyone thinking of selling their timeshare. So the buyer would have to factor this in and chances are they are not going to risk it.

When you add up the costs the timeshare over 15 years the money lost is eye watering, if you had that money to invest elsewhere you would be financially better off.

The clever timeshare owner realizes that they have to do something to stop the loss, even if they have to pay to get rid of a timeshare, because they will save money in the long term.